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Victron MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V Inverter Charger

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The MultiPlus, as the name suggests, is a combined inverter and charger in one elegant package. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology, plus multiple system integration features.

Unique PowerAssist feature
The MultiPlus will prevent overload of a limited AC source, such as a generator or shore power connection. First, battery charging will automatically be reduced when otherwise an overload would occur. The second level will boost the output of a generator or shore side supply with power taken from the battery.


PowerControl - Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power
The MultiPlus is a very powerful battery charger. It will therefore draw a lot of current from the generator or shore side supply (nearly 10 A per 5 kVA Multi at 230 VAC). With the Multi Control Panel a maximum generator or shore current can be set. The MultiPlus will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being overloaded.




Input voltage range: 9.5 - 17V

Output: 2000W

Peak power: 4000W

Efficiency: 92%


AC input: 95 - 140V

Charge current: 80A

Dimensions: 520 x 255 x 125 mm / 20.5 x 10 x 5 in

Weight: 13 kg / 25 lbs

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