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Our solar panel kits for home are easy for you or a contractor to install. Each solar panel kit comes with solar panels, grid-tie inverters and mounting hardware and is customized to your energy needs and home's unique specifications.

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Microinverter Kits
Microinverter Kits
Microinverter Kits
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String Inverter Kits
String Inverter Kits
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Roof Mount Solar Panel Kits

For most residential solar projects, rooftop solar panels are the way to go. Install solar panels on your roof to save on racking costs and conserve valuable space on your property.

Shop our selection of DIY roof mount solar panel kits for both grid-tied and off-grid properties.

Roof Mount Solar Panel Kits

Roof Mounted Solar Advantages

  • No need for additional space. Your roof is the foundation.
  • Cost-effective with fewer parts and less hassle with labor and setup.
  • Easier to install and easier to get approval for permits.

Things to Consider

  • Roof constraints may limit the size and efficiency of your solar system.
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting or future panel replacement may be challenging for those with steep or slippery roofs.

Ground Mount Solar Panel Kits

Ground mount solar panel kits for home are hefty and require unused land but are cost-effective and highly efficient for properties with south-facing roofs and optimal sun exposure. Ground mount solar systems are also lower maintenance — no need to modify your rooftop.

Our ground mount solar panels are easy for you or a licensed contractor to install. Each ground mounting kit includes tier-1 solar panels, grid tie inverters and mounting hardware. Plus, GoGreenSolar is the only solar company that offers a permit service and complete technical support to help you install your ground mount solar panels correctly.

*Listed pricing assumes a basic 3-row array — your designed price may vary.

Ground Mount Solar Panel Kits

Ground Mounted Solar Advantages

  • Flexible installation. If you have enough land exposed to sunlight, you can install a large system to generate maximum savings
  • Maximum output. Fully optimize energy potential, especially for south-facing roofs
  • Cost-effective. No need to modify your rooftop, plus maintenance is easier

Things to Consider

  • Requires more parts and real estate, including a strong soil foundation to hold the panels and mounts
  • Requires more labor and setup
  • Longer, more expensive permit approval process

Microinverter or String Inverter?

An inverter converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) to generate energy that powers your home.


Microinverters are installed behind each solar panel to create separate power-generating units. This allows for easy future expansion. Microinverters are also best for properties with shade, as individual solar panels are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Explore Microinverter Solar Panel Kits

String Inverters

For ground mount kits, you also have the option of using a string inverter, where solar panels “string” together and connect to a central inverter. String inverters are cost-effective and suitable for homes with no shading issues. Note that a string inverter won’t work efficiently if any of your solar panels malfunction or drop in output.

Explore String Inverter Solar Panel Kits
String Inverters

Learn more: String Inverters vs. Microinverters

Why Choose a DIY Solar Kit?

  • Save thousands of dollars

    When you install DIY solar panel kits for your home, you can save thousands of dollars and avoid the hassle of working with costly professional installers.

  • Get full control

    You’ll also have full control over your solar panel project. Get your solar system up and running ASAP so you can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill.

  • Permit approval guarantee

    Installing DIY solar panels isn’t as challenging as it seems. When you choose DIY solar panel kits from GoGreenSolar, you’ll also receive a permit approval guarantee and end-to-end installation support by phone or email. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you install your solar panel kit right the first time.

Curious about do-it-yourself solar? Learn more about the pros and cons of DIY solar projects

Who Buys DIY Solar Panel Kits?

Who Should Buy DIY Solar Panel Kits?

Our solar panel kits are ideal for:

  • DIY-ers who enjoy tackling home improvement projects
  • Owner-builders who work with a trusted contractor
  • Homebuilders who wish to lower solar installation costs
  • Remodeling, electrical or other specialty contractors
  • Government or corporate organizations who want solar power for their facilities.
Our Solar Panel Kits Are DIY-er Approved

Our Solar Panel Kits Are DIY-er Approved

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