Is solar right for your home?

You know how many kilowatts of solar you need- but is a solar system right for your home?


Is there enough square footage on your roof to put fit your solar array?  Keep in mind that fire departments and municipalities will often require a certain amount of roof-space around the array. 

If you're limited to a small roof space, consider high efficiency solar panels or a ground-mounted solutions.


The ideal orientation for your solar array is true south, even though both East and West-facing roofs can also work.

Solar can be installed on just about any roof surface: composition shingle,spanish tile, flat or metal roof.

Remember:   Your solar system isn't going anywhere for at least 25 years so you should install the system with a roofer. When solar installers and roofers work in tandem, you can avoid voiding the roof's warranty.

Shading concerns: 

If you have any trees, chimneys, or anything that could shade your solar array, micro inverter systems are a better option than traditional string inverter systems.

Don't know the difference between a microinverter and a string inverter? Learn here.


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