Blue Sky SB3024DiL-DUO, Solar Boost 3024DiL-DUO, DUO Solar/Wind or Hydro option for SB3024DiL

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Blue Sky SB3024DiL-DUO, Solar Boost 3024DiL-DUO, DUO Solar/Wind or Hydro option for SB3024DiL
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The DUO-Option software upgrade converts the auxiliary output into a 20A Diversion type PWM charge controller. The DUO-Option upgrade allows an SB3024(D)iL to provide PWM charge control for hydroelectric, wind or similar DC generators that require diversion type charge control while at the same time providing MPPT charge control for the main PV system. The DUO-Option can also be used to divert excess PV input to an alternate load. The charge controller and the Diversion Power controller operate as a single coordinated charge control system fed by multiple power sources. A diversion charge controller regulates battery voltage by diverting a portion of the available charge current to a resistive dump load supplied by the user. With the DUO-Option the user may select either the Min-Power mode to provide minimum dump load heating or the Max-Power mode where maximum power is delivered to the dump load. Min-Power mode is typically selected when diversion is used for charge control only and dump load power is not directed towards a useful purpose. Max-Power mode is typically selected when dump load power is directed towards a useful purpose such as a water heater. The Max-Power mode may also be used with PV power alone if the user wishes to divert available PV power which is not required for battery charging to a useful purpose. For dump load applications exceeding 20A, our Current Booster Module(s) can be utilized to support multiple independent dump loads up to 40 amps each. The Current Booster Module is driven by the auxiliary output of a DUO-Option equipped SB3024(D)iL.


The perfect controller for a variety of applications, including marine, RV, industrial, off-grid, and PV street lighting.

SB3024DiL model with display.

  • 97% Peak Efficiency
  • MPPT Technology
  • Multi-stage charging battery
  • LED display for full programming (only SB3024DiL)
  • PV array overload protection
  • Reverse battery and panel protection
  • Load output or second battery charge
  • IPN for network and remote display
  • Lithium compatible
  • Dump Load
  • Hybrid Applications (Wind or Hydro)
  • 20A Diversion Current control

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